Travel tips


Kunming, Yunnan is about 1891m above sea level, belonging to the middle and high altitude area. Generally speaking, there is no altitude sickness, but the UV is relatively strong so it is recommended to use sun protection. In other places in Yunnan, such as Lijiang and Shangri-la are slightly higher in altitude, where one can experience altitude sickness. It is recommended that visitors to Yulong Snow Mountain and Shangri-la take precautions based on their own limitations.



Yunnan belongs to the subtropical mountain monsoon climate of low latitude in northern latitudes. Yunnan enters early autumn in October, with a slightly lower temperature in the morning ,about 13℃-18 ℃, and a slightly higher temperature in the afternoon ,about 18℃-24 ℃. Early autumn (October) in Yunnan is temperate but can be rainy; it is recommended to come with appropriate outerwear.

Ethnic minorities in Yunnan

Yunnan is a place where ethnic minorities live in compact communities. Their customs and religious beliefs should be respected.

Yunnan Food

The local food in Yunnan is mainly sour and hot, and cold dishes are mostly. Due to the taste or soil and water reasons, it may not adapt to the local food. Please choose carefully to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

Going out

When you go out in a hotel or inn, you should take your room key or card, close the doors and Windows, and take your valuables with you.